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Warm and safe metal doors for for real connoisseurs of quality and design
About us
Our company specializes in producing custom designed metal doors and windows. If you are looking for superior craftsmanship, durability, style and safety, We can provide you with the one-of-a-kind products that will capture the attention of everyone for generations to come.

For our doors and windows we have developed a unique heat-saving system and created completely new product, which differs us from other producers in this area.
Our product can guarantee low thermal conductivity, good sound insulation, high reliability, resistance to any weather conditions and, of course, limitless design options.

During this time we made and mount more than 90 000 m2 constructions all over the world.

How we work
Price request
We will make special offer for your individual project in short time
Quality of our products - is the main aspect in our production. We are happy when You are satisfied
We are producing metal, PVC and aluminum constructions more than 15 years

We are interested in long term exploitation of our products so we offer maximal warranty
We are working with famous and big companies all over the world
Exclusive design
For each project we can offer special design you need
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Advantages of our products
We are manufacturers of Metal, PVC and Aluminum constructions more than 15 years.
1. Thermal conductivity:
All our windows and doors have a coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.80 W / (mK) or less. For Double-glazed windows only "Thermo-frames" are used.
2. Reliability and safety:
All doors and windows are built with 5mm thick hight quality metallic meterial, which is able to withstand intense mechanical damage (crowbar, sledgehammer).
The additional safety options are available for doors and windows upon request.
Double-glazed, "anti-vandal" Triplex and armored double-glazed window are available to produce the design product to ensure you protection from vandals and to avoid intential offenses of your living and working places.
3. Soundproofing
By installing double-glazed window up to 52 mm thickness and using thicker glass, we have achieved a high level of noise insulation. In several cases when higher noise insulation is needed, "Stratophone" glass material can be used for those matters.
4. Design
Our company is led by reliable management team which during our 15 years experience we have acheived the limitless design options by working with private customers, leading architects, designers and building companies.
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